Ryde into 2019

Classes commence 6th Jan with a full timetable coming soon

Contact the Surge Team for more information and book your space here

COMING SOON – Book via MindBody !

SURGE ALL WEEK. Our timings will suit your timings.

We will continue with our evening and weekend classes but we have listened to your feedback with demand for more !


Need a break from your desk? Book a 30 minute express lunch Ryde at 12.30pm, but don’t forget to pre-order your salad or smoothie with our team to grab after your shower. Your boss won’t even know you’re missing.


Pack up the kids and husband and book yourself some ‘me time’ with a 9am Ryde. After your Ryde, don’t want to face reality just yet? Enjoy a coffee or a post workout smoothie afterwards.

Are you a morning Ryder – 6am sessions coming soon.

Or want to Ryde to bed – we’re also launching 8pm classes.

Surge provides showers, luxury toiletries and towels so no matter what time you Ryde, we’ve got you covered.

Whenever you Ryde – Ryde Surge! Be Surge!